Early History

This site was created for the sailors who served in MinRon 11 Detachment Alfa and later renamed Mine Division 112.  The small detachment only served a total of 5 years during the Vietnam conflict.  However, there are many more sailors that served in the early years in the Navy’s small boat minesweepers between 1946 – 1965.  This page is dedicated to those veteran sailors that proudly served during the Korean War and peacetime years.  Included will be names and photos to give tribute to them.


Comments and responses from early minesweeper sailors:

Francis Mulhall – I served on the U.S.S. Greer County North Korea 1952, anchored off Wanson harbor, we were Minron Flag supply & air sea rescue, 26 pilots over one hundred contact mines destroyed . I brought her home for the first time since the attack or invasion Okinawa, WWII, proud of that ole bucket all 7 knots of her. They made a movie based on our helo called “The Bridges of Toki- Ri”. True story. Used LST-824 in the movie but bldg-799er was the real deal. – Regards Frank

Roger Fox – I was Staff Yeoman with Mine Div 112 during the Korean Conflict from 1953 to 1955 in Long Beach, CA. Mine Division 112 and 113 were located at the old Long Beach Naval Air Station during this period. I also serviced aboard the USS Chief AM-315 from 1951-1953. – Roger

Noah Elliot – WOW!, This is something. For me is special. My name is Noah Elliot. I was the first EN3, on MSB 31. Congratulation on your website. This was send to me by Frank Mulhall. The date I was told to change boats was 11-16-55, not just I, but the crew of the the motor launch 7, Richarson BM1 was the skipper, I can`t recall the name of the Electrician, he was going to be discharge the first week of December `55. – Noah

Cecil Ratley – (Mousie) – I was in Div.12 from 1957 to 1960 in Long Beach and can not get any info about time.

Jim Waters – I was attached to MINDIV LBNS 1962.  Was a seaman aboard MSB 54.  Long time ago now.

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